Can Hydrogen Help with Acid Reflux? 

Tywon Hubbard who is a YouTuber in US and has in-depth research on Hydrogen Therapy. He mentioned that some people asked him about “Does hydrogen help with Acid reflux?” and he said on his YouTube Channel “H2 Minutes” that There is therapeutic potential that hydrogen can help with acid reflux or Gerd and there’s been a plenty of anecdotal evidence plenty of testimonies online where people have experienced benefits with drinking hydrogen water and dealing with acid reflux and Gerd.

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The control group and the experimental group drink regular water and hydrogen rich water respectively

There was a clinical trial on this topic in 2018, Modulation of the oxidative plasmatic state in gastroesophageal reflux disease with the addition of rich water molecular hydrogen: A new biological vision”, and that clinical trial they had 84 patients who had a moderate to severe Gerd or acid reflux.

They had half of the people drink regular water and the other half drink hydrogen rich water, but all of them were also taking PPIS or protein or proton pump inhibitors.

The conclusion, hydrogen or hydrogen rich water has therapeutic potential to benefit those with Gerd or acid reflux. And it may have an improvement of quality of life.

What they discovered was that the group that was drinking hydrogen rich water show levels of decreased oxidative stress, decreased inflammation and improved symptoms of Gerd within three months of drinking 1.5 liters of water.

Compared to another group, there has far greater levels of reduction in inflammation and oxidative stress and the symptoms of Gerd in the hydrogen water group.

It seems that hydrogen or hydrogen rich water has therapeutic potential to benefit those with Gerd or acid reflux. And this clinical study is also showed that 75 of the patients that were consuming hydrogen rich water reported a good satisfaction level after three months and also reported that there was an improvement of quality of life.