Hydrogen Generator

It electrolyzes pure water to make highly pure hydrogen(99.9995%) by applying the “PEM” technology. It is a light-weight, high efficient, energy-saving and environment-friendly, high-technology patented product.

Hydrogen-oxygen separated proton absorption technology

    • Low Temp operation:Quick start-up, stable and low working temperature.
    • Safe operation:Anti-electrochemical oxidation reaction, no surface corrosion.
    • Longer Life Time:high corrosion resistance, without producing oxidized foreign substances and pollution, long service life.
    • High conductivity:Can be quickly transformed, with higher proton conductivity.

Features and advantages

    • The first household hydrogen generator in the world. It can reduce and remove harmful free radicals in the body and is per-oxidation resistant. It balances and regulates our body and restores health.
    • We Have innovative “proton absorption” technology, which separates oxygen from hydrogen to produce highly pure hydrogen (higher than 99.9995%). It flows stably and can be used safely.
    • “Produce and use, freshness is up to you,” breathing hydrogen with quick absorption.
    • Hydrogen yield of 150~500 ml/min is designed to meet the human body’s breathing capacity and absorption.
    • Exquisite health appliance design, light weight, small size, easy to operate and maintain.
    • Auto-shutdown – self-shutdown is enabled for a period of two hours.
    • Auto-shutdown while tilted – self-shutdown is enabled when the body swings or tilts over 15 deg.
    • Air block warning – A warning light will automatically turn on when air emission is not smooth and self-shutdown will be activated if the problem has not been corrected for too long.
    • Water shortage warning – A warning light will automatically turn on if water is empty.


Model numberHM-500
Output volume (ml/min)500 ± 10%
Output pressure (BAR)0.05
Hydrogen purity (%)Higher than 99.9995
Output power (W) 180
Power (V)AC 100~220V 50~60Hz
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm235x320x375
Water quality requirementsMs / cm ≦ 1
Weight (Kg)6.2