Hydrogen producing technology

Proton Exchange Membrane

                • The polymeric membrane technology has been developed more and more vigorously. Polymeric materials are used in our daily lives, communications, electronics, biomedical and aviation equipment, etc. We produce hydrogen using the advanced polymer proton exchange membrane technology. Meanwhile, we also perform biomedical clinical researches, currently focusing on future medical care researches by using the polymer proton membrane.
                • Solid and fixed polymeric membranes [PEM] are used during the hymed gas core water electrolyzing process. When the electrolyte is decomposed to water, which separates hydrogen and oxygen, the obtained purity is safer and cleaner than that from normal electrolyzing and cylinder gas.
    • • Water electrolysis: H2O + electric power H2+1/2 O2 reverse reaction: H2 + 1/2 O2 H2O + electric power

Research vision

HydrogenMed Biotechnology Corp strives to conduct researches and investigations that show hydrogen’s benefits to the human body. It develops highly pure (99.9995%), safe and instant supplying hydrogen generators (hydrogen bubble generator), hydrogen water generators (hydrogen water dispenser) in the hope of letting every family understand the hydrogen secrets by supplying simple and direct highly pure hydrogen, in order to improve the living quality, which is the mission of HydrogenMed biotechnology Corp.

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