Hydrogen water solubility is up to 1,200ppb

This is much higher than the hydrogen solubility standard of 300ppb, it possesses health care effects and is affirmed by the Japan Osaka Hydrogen Water Promotion Association (JHPA).

Highly concentrated purity of hydrogen is up to 99.9995%

Proven by many testing methods used by the hydrogen purity competent institutions of Taiwan, the purity of the hydrogen yield has achieved the highest standard.

Making hydrogen from pure water

The water source for making clear water is pure water only, no additives are needed.

Hydrogen molecules beneficial to health are produced by innovative pure water solid electrolysis

Having been proven by many scientific and medical documents, hydrogen is the only substance that can enter the cell nucleus. The volume of a hydrogen molecule is only 1/15 of that of an oxygen molecule. It has complete and special benefits for cells in terms of anti-oxidation, removal of free radicals of pathogens and cell protection.

Certification from competent institutions provides the best confidence and quality assurance

It acquired patents from several countries, it has passed strict electrical tastings of EU and Japan, and has been certified with CE marking for product quality, with safety.

Product certifications

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